The five best things to barbeque

Butterflied Lamb

This classic Sunday lunch is delicious on a BBQ, especially when marinated with thyme and olive oil for a few days before. Turn every ten to fifteen minutes and don’t worry if the outside chars. Slice it open to check if it’s cooked.


No summer barbeque would be complete without a proper Aberdeen Angus burger. Toast the buns and add some grated cheese on top while they are still cooking for true perfection.


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A firm favourite for many. Mixing up the flavours always adds a little extra to the meal. Be sure to spike them before cooking and turn every few minutes so they’re crispy on all sides.


This surprising entry is delicious when cooked on a barbeque. Skewer them in their shells and turn often.

Banana and Mars Bar

This may sound mad but it is easy and delicious. Simply slit the banana (in its skin) open and put the Mars inside. Then wrap in tin foil and leave on the dying embers of the barbeque for pudding.

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