How to attract woodpeckers to your garden

If you’ve always struggled to think of what to do with excess fat from cooking, here’s a way to put it to good use. Why not make your garden an inviting haven for the more discerning birds, such as the Woodpecker.

Top tips for attracting Woodpeckers

1.  Use cooking fat such as lard or dripping left over from the roast or from grilling, and melt on the hob.

2.  Add sunflower hearts, dried fruit and ordinary bird feed.

3.  Once mixed, pour into either half a coconut shell or other container which can be suspended from a tree or bush.

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4. Leave to set and suspend from a suitable branch.

Alternatively you can find a branch or use a piece of hollow bamboo.

1.  Drill a number of holes spread out along the branch.

2.  Having made the holes, pour liquid fat mix in. Leave to set.

3.  Once set find a suitable tree or bush and hang on the branch.

You can set up your fat in a quiet area of your garden or close to your house so that you can enjoy watching them from the warmth of your home as the weather begins to change.

If you have trees which already have holes or rough bark, why not try filling the holes with fat or acorns.

It may take a little bit of time but your patience could well be rewarded by the company of woodpeckers and other fat loving birds. Good luck.