Top gardening tips for spring

We round up Country Life’s top gardening tips for spring, and find out everything from when to sow cabbages to protecting your vegetables in the greenhouse. 

In our round up of top gardening tips for spring we find ourselves watching out for late frosts, particularly considering the wintry start we’ve had to the year. Crop rotation is worth taking into consideration before the planting begins, and once you’re underway there is the question of when to sow cabbages and sprouts. Top tips on composting are always useful as everyone does it differently while when it heats up a little you can start to think about planting tomatoes, pruning clematis and dealing with slugs and snails.

When to plant potatoes is also a perennial question, as is how to protect plants in the greenhouse, and we also discuss the June drop of apples coming up in early summertime and has a wonderful way of thinning out the trees so the apples which do grow are a good size, and juicy to boot.

Spring gardening tips

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