How to create the dream bedroom [PROMOTION]

Create the ultimate sanctuary by considering size, flow and curves.

Creating your dream bedroom, is an exciting yet daunting task. The bedroom occupies a sacred place in your home – after all, it’s the room where you come to relax, reinvigorate yourself and unwind. Getting the design and feel of the room right, is key to your wellbeing.  We spoke to the Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co, who have offered some simple tips on how to create the dream bedroom.

Size matters

For many, the catalyst for rearranging the bedroom is the desire for a bigger bed, as there is only so much midnight duvet wrestling one can take. Although a bigger bed will not necessarily resolve the issue of the duvet hog, it will at least help you gain more space, which is key to a good night’s sleep.

If you’re worried about how the bigger bed will fit into your bedroom, plot it out. On a Sunday morning, once you’ve finished that cup of tea and the newspaper in bed, pull out some of the pages and use them to increase the floor area of your current bed, to the new size you are thinking of.

This will allow you to see the extra space you will gain in bed, consider the placement of the surrounding furniture and gain an appreciation for the ergonomics of the new layout.

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If you have built in wardrobes, or heavy chest of draws, that you don’t feel like battling with. Open the doors and make sure, when fully extended with you standing in front, your heels are not touching the newspaper. If this happens, you may need to re-think the layout of your room, or the concept of going bigger.

Make a statement

A bedroom should be a haven of calmness and tranquillity. This means no clutter, excessive furnishings or superfluous pieces of furniture.

how to create the dream bedroom

Don’t leave it to your décor and soft furnishings to make a statement. Why not provide your own fabric and make your new bed truly yours (Anne Double £3,995 exc delivery and customer’s own fabric)

To make a statement, create a focal point in the room with your new bed. Dress it up and keep it inviting. A top tip is to ensure you can see the floor under your bed, as any bulging out from underneath it will look imposing and unsightly. So, keep it clear under there – this will frame your bed wonderfully, making it the centre of attention and it will also make your room look bigger.

A bedroom should be about flow

how to create the dream bedroom

A teasing room

how to create the dream bedroom

A presenting room

There are many types of bedroom design, but the only two you need to concern yourself with are those which present themselves to you and those which tease you.

A room which presents itself to you, is one which allows you to see the whole room as soon as you walk in. A room which teases you, is one in which little bits of the space are revealed to you, the deeper you go into the room.

A presenting room will normally have the doorway looking onto the bed as you walk in, and it is this room that gives you a little more flexiblity on the style of bed you go for. You can go for a style that holds its own in details and features.

how to create the dream bedroom

Combing an upward curve to create a sense of space with a tailboard that offers a little bit extra in detail than your standard iron bed. Lily is the perfect choice, for a room that presents its charm on first arrival (Lily Double £599 exc delivery)

With a teasing room, you are a little restricted with your choice of bed. Avoid styles where the tailboard peaks too much above the mattress, as this will halt your eyeline as you enter the room, and will consequently make the room feel smaller and pokey. A bed with a low tailboard, will let your gaze flow naturally around the room.

It’s all about curves

There are many ways to create the sense of space within your interiors, the simplest of which is playing with optical illusions. Colour schemes and lighting are by far the most successful and the right bed with the right curves, will be the pièce de résistance.

how to create the dream bedroom

Create space in your newly designed room by introducing an upward curve to your new bed style. (Elizabeth Double £2495 exc delivery)

In the right setting, a bed that has a downward curve can offer the illusion of space if you have enough floor space either side, for the eyes to glaze along, before meeting a wall. If there isn’t enough space your eye will come to abrupt stop and your room will feel smaller.

A bed style which an upward curve will make even the smallest of bedrooms seem bigger. As the curve extends up from the bed, your eye will flow naturally with it, encouraging you to take in the surroundings. Accompanied by light, neutral, calming hues in your décor, your room will feel open, airy and enticing.