How to fold a napkin rose at Christmas: A step-by-step guide

A beautifully-folded napkin is the ideal way to finish off your festive table setting. Here's how to fold a rose napkin.

1. Turn the square napkin through 90˚ on the table, so that it resembles a diamond shape

2. Fold one corner at a time into the centre of the diamond to create a smaller square. Then turn this square through 90˚, so that it again resembles a diamond

3. Repeat the process of folding the corner points into the centre of the diamond, again creating a smaller square

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4. Repeat this process again, in order to make a fourth smaller square

5. Holding all four corners in place with a finger, carefully turn the folded square upside down. Then repeat the process of folding corners to the middle on this upside-down folded square

6. The finished square will be considerably smaller than the original napkin. Lift the square, holding all the folded points in place in the centre of the fold using your thumb on the top and index or middle finger below

7. One at a time, carefully pull the point from the centre of the bottom of the folded napkin, so that it comes from the back to the front, where it resembles a rabbit’s ear or long, curved petal

8. Do this with all four folded points, until you have a symmetrical four-‘petalled’ flower. It should now be possible to remove your thumb and fingers from the centre points of the fold

9. Turn the folded napkin upside down. Gently pull the next four folded points from the centre to create four more petals

10. Repeat a final time to create four last petals. The result will be a 12-petal flower of bowl-shape formation