Create your perfect office at home


If you work from home you’ll understand the importance of getting your home office just right. It may be where you run the day-to-day operations of your business, maybe catch up on a little evening work or somewhere you sit down to draw on your own creativity. Whatever the use, one thing remains the same; it has to work for you.

Whether creating a space that inspires you, or somewhere that assists with long working hours you’ll need to ensure your home study furniture is functional, comfortable and practical. Here are our top tips for creating your perfect home working environment.

Think about your space
Working from a large home office in the country may sound like the perfect opportunity to really bring out your creative side. Whilst for some of us this may be a reality, for most of us – despite not being constrained by cramp city living – space will always be a factor.

A home office is likely to be one of the smallest rooms in the home, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose anything in terms of how it works for you. Opting for fitted home office furniture will give you the luxury of building exactly what you require – each piece individually designed – meaning it will fit perfectly with whatever space you have. Even the smallest of areas can be transformed into the most functional of rooms: this could be the perfect solution for your home-working time.

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It’s all about you
What inspires you? What makes you tick? Remember, this is your working environment and you need make your surroundings work for you. If you thrive in the corporate atmosphere and use your office to catch up in the evenings and at the weekend then there’s nothing wrong with emulating this mood in your own home.

But, if you’re more of a creative soul try decorating with some big bold colours or edgy accessories and fill your walls with things that inspire you.

However you decorate can always have an impact on how you work, but so can the pieces of furniture you choose for the room. Ergonomic furniture, for example, works with your body to help concentrate during those long working hours.

Set up so it functions smoothly
What equipment do you use? Laptop? Desktop? Wireless printer? The equipment in your perfect office all depends on what you do but everybody needs a functional space and the equipment you do have has to work together as efficiently as possible.

To create your perfect working environment, opting for a fitted home office from a specialist company like Neville Johnson will enable you to work with qualified designers who can advise on the best furniture for your needs. Then most importantly, they can design it to work for you exactly how you want it.