Downsizing: the advantages


The kids have grown up and flown the nest and your big family home now seems like an empty shell. You thought you’d be able to utilise the spare bedrooms as an office, maybe a gym or even an activities room (even though you’ll have to actually start some activities first). The plans all seemed exciting but you’ve started to notice an echo down the corridors and decided it’s time to downsize.
If you’ve lived in one place for what seems like a lifetime it can be one of the hardest decisions you make to finally move on. It’s not all doom and gloom though there are advantages to moving to a smaller property. Not only do you have a smaller space to maintain but you also get to reinvent a cosier new home for you and your partner to enjoy for years to come.

By far one of the biggest advantages of downsizing is that you free up extra cash to treat yourself with. After supporting a family for decades it’s time to realign your priorities and enjoy some well-deserved ‘me’ time. If you’ve paid the mortgage on your current property then a smaller house is more than likely going to leave you with a good deal of excess cash and if you haven’t paid your mortgage the payments are likely to be lower so either way you’re quids in. For many of us the extra cash isn’t a luxury we’re accustomed to so here are some ideas of what to spend it on.

A family vacation
Your kids may have all moved out years ago but that doesn’t mean you should stop spending time together as a family. In fact, take away the routine household squabbles and add a dash of maturity on everybody’s part and you’re left with actual quality time! If there are a few of you travelling and you want to minimise the hassle of organisation whilst retaining some flexibility and variation then a Mediterranean cruise holiday is a great option. There’s something for everybody from the different sights of the many beautiful Mediterranean islands you will visit to the vast range of on board activities. You can relax safe in the knowledge that your cruise can be as relaxed or active as you wish. Start planning early for the best cruise deals and something to look forward to if you’re feeling a little sensitive when moving out.

A new set of wheels
You don’t want to be selfish but you’ve supported the family long enough, you’ve fed and watered them, put a roof over their head and clothes on their back. You’ve provided pocket money in exchange for keeping their bedroom tidy and supported them through their education. Now it’s time to indulge yourself and what better way than to buy yourself a shiny new set of wheels? What’s more you no longer have to think functionality so a sporty, three door number is perfectly acceptable!