Love Your Home This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is

often one that splits opinion. You have those couples who lavish each

other with gifts and make a real day of it, whereas others refuse to be

drawn in by the “commercialisation” of the day.

Love it or hate

it, Valentine’s Day is coming and for those sceptics out there, we’re

suggesting you shed some love on your home this February 14th to make it

a place for you to love spending time with friends and family. From

securing competitive home insurance quotes from Swinton, to changing things up with the interior, here are our top tips for loving your home this Valentine’s Day.

Zone your space


well are you using the space in your home? Are you really making the

most of what you have? Now’s the time to re-evaluate how you’re using

your space. Is your home an inviting space to have friends over and

socialise, or is it becoming too cramped with accessories and

knick-knacks? Sometimes a simple procedure like moving furniture in the

home can give a room a whole new and fresh feel.

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Light it up


should have at least three points of light in major rooms such as the

living room. Adding this to the set up will make the room feel much

bigger and create a much better ambience.

Rotate your ornaments  


are a great way to make a home your own by adding a touch of

personality to each room. But sometimes less is more. Try to avoid

having too many ornaments on show as this can make tables and shelves

seem cluttered and untidy. Consider using only a selection of ornaments

for different times of the year and rotate them. This can help to create

a new feel to your home without having to spend money purchasing new


Add art

Art can really liven up a room

whether it’s hanging on a wall, placed on a table or sitting on top of

the mantelpiece. Photographic prints are a great way to personalise the

space, or some modern art can go a long way by adding flashes of colour

helping to update tired looks in the home, with minimal changes.  



by moving things around inside the home can totally change the ambience

in a room. With just a few touches you can create space you never

thought you had.


Your home is your

sanctuary, so fall in love with it. Take time to unwind by relaxing in

your bath, light candles in the home to infuse your house with your

favourite scents and sit back and love the surroundings of your very own


Keep it safe

When we love someone or

something, it’s important that we keep it safe. The same applies to your

home. If you’re continually updating your space, whether with new

technology or furniture, it’s important to update your home and contents

insurance policy (or take a new one out). A cheap home insurance policy from Swinton is the perfect way to do this.