Transform your house


The arrival of the New Year can signify the start of thinking about a new you. Now Christmas has passed, you can finally concentrate on what your goals are for 2013 and the ways in which you plan to achieve them. But where to begin? Admittedly, many of us have so many ambitions and dreams that we want to fulfil in the upcoming 12 months that it can sometimes be a little daunting. That’s why, in our opinion, it’s best to start at home! Let’s face it, you’ll be spending most of your time here, so it’s essential that you not only decorate it in a way which suits you, but that it’s also tailored to your every need. Looking for inspiration? Well, here are some ideas to get you started!

The sitting room

This space is often considered as the heart of the home; the place in which family and friends are brought together, and where you’re able to find some escapism from busy days at work. For this reason, it’s integral that you add a personal touch. One means of bringing your sitting room to life is through having high quality windows. Particularly during the winter months, you need all the light you can get, whilst at the same time having some protection against any draughts or breezes from outside. Sound like your windows could do with a revamp? Then check out uPVC windows from Weatherseal; these are guaranteed to provide the efficiency you’re looking for. Another way to keep the living room a bright and pleasant place to be in is by avoiding dark and heavy decor. Sticking to lighter, pastel and neutral tones is a great way to ensure a happier and more relaxed ambiance.

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The bedroom

Aside from the living room, the bedroom is also a place that would benefit from a makeover in the New Year. If it’s become a place you’d rather avoid as opposed to never leaving, then you’re definitely in need of a DIY helping hand. One quick way to bring this room to life is to de-clutter. If your room is messy then this will affect your state of mind, so invest in some storage furniture to help keep it nice and tidy. Might seem obvious, but it’s true, and it will also impact on your other New Year resolutions; a clear-out will provide you with more motivation to achieve in 2013. Furthermore, investing in a mirror is also a great way to improve your room. It makes it seem brighter, as well making the space appear bigger.  

The outside

Less obvious than the previous two, but equally important, is the exterior look of your home. People believe that the outside of your house is a reflection of the inside, so it’s best not to give a bad impression. One way to bring your home to life, in terms of the outdoors, is by addressing the garden. A few plants and flowers can improve it beyond al recognition. So get buying that compost and add a bit of character to your home. Paying a bit of attention to these areas of the house can really transform your home. Get these sorted, and you’ll soon be set for a great year!