UK City Breaks: The Best Way to Holiday in 2012


Those that fancy a quick trip

away yet don’t quite have the time or money to venture to foreign shores

may be interested in going on a city break in the UK.

The UK is

home to an array of popular destinations, all of which boast different

attractions. With the Olympic Games set to kick-off in the capital, some

say that British pride is at an all time high and this means cities

across the entire length and breadth of the country are preparing to

receive more visitors than ever before.

Whether you intend to

book a surprise city break for a loved one or quite simply wish to

indulge in a little retail therapy with a few friends, UK city breaks are a fun and hassle-free holiday option.


order to source such a holiday, it is wise to shop around. There is an

array of travel operators, all of which boast the ability to provide

numerous travel options when it comes to UK city breaks. The

Co-operative travel is one such company worth using, especially if you

wish to embark on an easy-to-plan, short trip.

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Why are city breaks popular?


breaks are a great alternative to a full week’s holiday and still allow

you to escape the toll of everyday life without necessarily having to

get on an aeroplane. The best thing about staying in the UK is the fact

you can drive straight to your destination, or get on a train from city

to city – sometimes within a few hours of leaving your door.


you are looking for culture, cafes or art, many cities across the UK

allow you to find something new and exciting. If you are more into your

history than your sunbathing, this makes a city break a no-brainer.


other factor is convenience around your work-life. Most people will

choose to leave either on Friday evening or early Saturday morning, with

the intention of returning late on Sunday evening. This allows them to

get the most out of their stay; it also allows them to be back in time

for work on Monday morning.

Selecting your city

The Co-operative travel website

offers an easy way to select your desired city break, which allows the

holidaymaker to effortlessly pick a destination. Once the destination

has been decided upon, you can then choose a hotel suitable to your


With so many tempting cities on offer, such as London,

Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle and more, it can sometimes be a little

difficult to settle on just the one. A great way to decide on both a

venue and a location is to look into any events that may be taking

place. Whether you are into live music, festivals, farmer’s markets or

club/restaurant openings, you’ll be able to fit plan your break around

something you enjoy.

UK city breaks certainly allow the

holidaymaker to explore somewhere different to home, yet somewhere that

isn’t too far away. They are ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries

and special occasions where you want to do something more than your

average present.

All you now need to do is count down the days until your next adventure begins!