Using Bar Stools To Sell Your Home


If you’re looking to sell your home then you’re likely to be familiar with the challenge of attracting buyers. Each potential purchaser is different, so it can be difficult to get that universal look without compromising on character. To achieve the right balance, it’s best to use items like bar stools to appeal to a number of common aspirational values. Sales tend to be more successful when they focus on lifestyle. Think of it as being less to do with advertising a home and more about promoting a way of life, and do so by starting with the breakfast bar.

If the kitchen is the hub of the home then the breakfast bar is surely the hub of the kitchen, wherein it provides a stylish and egalitarian focal point. Whether your buyer is simply looking for a spot to chop vegetables or enjoys hosting coffee mornings and cocktail nights, the possibilities of a breakfast bar are sure to prove tempting.

It may be that your potential buyers are freelancers or young professionals. Those who work from home will often use the multi-functional breakfast bar as a workspace. Over time, the presence of plasma TVs, laptops and tablets in the kitchen has increased considerably, facilitating this further. Indeed, as technology becomes more portable, so too does the means by which we access it. Consider creating a casual bar area in order to promote this confluence of interests.

Similarly, there are a number of ways in which you can appeal to the modern family. The bar area can offer a communal area where kids can get to work while adults prepare meals, enabling greater communication and healthy relationships.

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Naturally, everybody looks for space in a kitchen, so be sure to ensure yours looks as roomy as possible. The kind of bar stools you plump for can help to frame the room and will play a key part in determining the amount of visual space present. Of course, it goes without saying that the number of stools you buy should correspond to the size of the home. For instance, in a five-bedroom residence, a duo of stools is just not going to cut the mustard. Relativity is essential. After all, you’re not merely appealing to your buyer’s tastes – but their common sense, too.

Naturally, the desire to seat everybody and the practicality of doing so can equate to a damning combination. However, there are ways to combat this dilemma. In order to produce a more airy, inviting look, choose stools that occupy less visual space. If in doubt, it’s better to plump for low backrests or even backless bar stools. Transparent Acrylic Perspex stools offer all the support of traditional stools with none of the bulk and are a good call if you’re looking to stand out amongst competitors.

Finally, it pays to think about dining chairs. If you’re looking to incorporate a dining area alongside your bar, maintaining mood is key. Manufacturers will often produce matching chairs and stools, though if you value a contrast, pairing brown bar stools with cream dining chairs can create a delicately marbled look.

Ultimately, when renovating your home for a re-sell, the idea is to create a canvas. You merely want to pique the imagination of your customers; sending the wheels turning in their minds, and inspiring them to see how their dreams match up with the image you’re promoting. With clever design and the right bar stools, your home will be sure to succeed.