Visit Europe’s most beautiful gardens


With summer just around the corner we’ve all got the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors and marvel at the gorgeous gardens throughout the country. If you get chance to get out to see the likes of Tatton Park in Cheshire, the Royal Botanical Gardens in London or even RHS Chelsea you’ll see some of the world’s most stunning plants and flowers.

If you’re a garden enthusiast there’s nothing like a trip to one of these top attractions, but have you ever thought of combining this with your summer holiday?

Read our list of the most beautiful gardens to visit in Europe. Flying to Europe is so quick, easy and cheap visiting these top attractions couldn’t be easier. For those flying from the north of England, simply book your aeroplane seat, leave your car in the cheap and secure Manchester airport parking and jump on your flight. You’ll be in garden heaven before you know it.

Nyphemburg Gardens, Munich
This is a stunning place to spend a morning really appreciating nature’s beauty. Dating back to the 17th century, the gardens have undergone much of a transformation, starting off very small but developing into the stunning impeccably maintained spaces we see now. Here you’ll find statues of Greek Gods, large ponds and a variety of flora and fauna. It’s also a great spot to enjoy a family picnic after a trip around the Nyphemburg Palace.

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Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh
The Royal Botanic Gardens spread across 70 acres of Scotland’s capital city, 
comprising both indoor and outdoor spaces. The real major attractions here are 
the rock garden and the stunning Scottish-Heath garden as well as plants from 
all over the world, tropical flowers and indigenous European species. You’ll 
also find lovely glasshouses which welcome you indoors to marvel at the unique 

Easily accessible from a variety of airports throughout the UK, a trip to Edinburgh and all it has to offer could make the perfect weekend away. What better way to spend your time than with a visit to one of  the Europe’s premier spots for garden lovers?

Monet’s Garden, Giverny
Known for its wild rustic atmosphere, the untamed hedges and overgrown flowerbeds create a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of Monet’s messy brush strokes. The colourful gardens surrounding the mansion of French impressionist Claude Monet invoke so many of his best-loved pieces of art. Situated in Giverny, about 50 miles from Paris, it’s a beautiful place to spend a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Generalife, Granada
This elegant compound is said to have been the summer palace of the Sultans. Today 
it remains a tranquil paradise with fountains and flourishing flora filling the romantic Generalife courtyard and adjacent patios. As one of the most picturesque spots in Spain it’s no wonder it was once the favourite place for some of the area’s most prestigious aristocrats at the time it was built.
Whatever your plans this summer, keep your love of the outdoors at the top of the list and visit some of the most beautiful gardens to be found anywhere in Europe.