5 warm winter socks

From Corrymoor to cashmere, we’ve rounded up the most luxuriously toasty socks you can slip your toes into this winter—and they’re all made in Britain.

Kid mohair socks by Naturally Selina Scott
Selina found herself in the sock business by accident when she rescued a herd of Angora goats from a farm in Scotland more than 15 years ago. Kid Mohair is one of the most coveted of luxury fibres—it comes from the highly-prized, first clip of a baby goat. Slip these on and kick back in front of the fire. £11.95 (www.selinascott.com)


warm winter socksAlpaca socks by Alpaca Annie
These socks, which come in a kaleidoscope of colours, are one of the many Alpaca products manufactured at Haguelands Farm on the Romney Marsh in Kent. Alpaca fibre is similar to sheep’s wool in many ways, but it is lighter and softer—perfect for winter walks. £13 (www.alpacaannie.com)


warm winter socksMohair socks by Corrymoor Mohair
You can practically feel the warmth radiating from this colourful bundle, made from the luxurious and hardwearing fleece of organic, Corrymoor Angora goats, farmed in East Devon’s Blackdown Hills. £34 for two pairs (www.corrymoor.com)

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warm winter socksCashmere socks by Corgi
These pure cashmere socks are individually made on a hand-knitting machine in Camarthanshire, Wales—pour a mug of hot chocolate and put your feet up. £49 (www.corgisocks.com)


warm winter socksEscorial socks by Pantherella
If you think sheep are just sheep, think again. Once the preserve of 16th Century Spanish royalty, there are reportedly just three flocks of Escorial sheep left in the world. Some say their wool is the most luxurious known to man—who are we to argue. £25 (www.pantherella.com)