Breitling Chronomat Airborne

Doesn’t every man dream at least at one point in his life of being a pilot? The latest piece of kit from Breitling builds on this brand’s reputation for working with the aviation industry towards producing instruments which offer maximum prescision.

It’s also a bit of an action man statement – it’s certainly not one for the office – and also potentially a collector’s piece.

The History

130 years ago Earnest Schneider decided to create an aviation chronograph designed specifically with pilots in mind. In the end, the instrument was developed alongside the Italian air force team so that he was sure that all the pilot’s needs would be catered for in the design.

This acutal design eventually became a reference in the field of pilot’s instruments and back in 1984 Breitling chose to celebrate the 100th anniversary with the mainstream Chonomat collection.

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The latest model is an update on these watched. In the last three decades there have been subtle changes to the over all aesthetic of the watch, but it still retains the style and presence of the originals.

Breitling are constantly improving the functionality of their watches and the Chronomat Airborne special series is distinguished by its satin-brushed rotating bezel equipped with four raised rider tabs (used to count off flight times) – even gloved hands can use the rotation.

It’s an extremely sturdy piece with a weighty feel and appearance. Available in two colours: black dial with silver counters and silver with black counters, we think the black face has the edge for extra James Bond kudos.

Chronomat Airborne, £6,760, Breitling (020-7518 7010;

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