The history of the pocket square

Turnbull & Asser know a thing or two about pocket squares

Here at Country Life we like to think we know a gent when we see them (if you’re not sure about your personal status, we refer you to our much-loved Are you a Gentleman quiz).

We also like our gents well dressed. Usual form aside – no lilac socks; no pink socks; many ruby shades of trousers are completely acceptable – there is still an enormous difference between dapper and disappointing. There are, of course, a few brands in London upon whom you can always rely to provide the appropriate robes for any occastion.

Turnbull & Asser on Jermyn Street hold a Royal Warrant for their shirtmaking, and they also stock everything from cufflinks and underwear to great ties.

In addition to all this, they just happen to have a fantastic collection of pocket squares – that one piece of the wardrobe where men can indulge in a little bit of flamboyance, while still looking the part.

This video, below, offers some intriguing history into the development of the pocket square as we use it today:

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A guide to the history of the pocket square

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