How to smoke a cigar

Edward Sahakian from Davidoff guides us through how to smoke a cigar, and how to choose a cigar for beginners.

Edward Sahakian is the proprietor of Davidoff London, a shop he opened in 1980 because of his love of fine cigars. He enjoys his first cigar of the day with breakfast and here he demonstrates how to smoke a cigar.

Davidoff is without a doubt a name synonymous with luxury. Their highly sought after cigars were first rolled in Cuba in 1946 and today are produced in the Dominican Republic.

Here are Edward’s top tips to smoking a cigar with style:

 1. Choose the right cigar
It’s very important to match the right cigar to the appropriate occasion and time of day.

2. Make eye contact
Before you do anything, make sure you look at your chosen cigar. This is the first contact you have with the cigar and your love affair starts with this first contact. Enjoy the colour – it has to please your eye.

3. Check for knots
Feel the cigar to make sure it is well made and displays no knots or defects.

4. Cutting the cigar
The best way to cut the cigar is with a straight guillotine cut with specialist scissors. Make the incision at the end of the cigar where the curve begins.

5. Lighting the cigar
Light the cigar with an odourless flame. You could use a gas lighter, but never use a petrol lighter. Don’t light with a candle as they usually have a scent. It is best to use a special untreated wooden match and slowly heat the end, ensuring the tip of the cigar is evenly lit.