Best hiking trousers for women, for everything from walks in the park to climbing Helvellyn

Walking and hiking have become a part of our daily lives — a change that's here to stay. So you'll be in need of some walking trousers; Lydia Stangroom picks out six of the best pairs of hiking trousers for women.

It seems a little obvious to talk about our new found collective love of walking — but we’ll say it anyway. What began as 30 minutes of allocated outdoor time in the midst of a pandemic has, for many, turned into a daily ritual, with many of us travelling further afield to explore the spectacular landscapes that the UK has to offer.

Some of us are happy with a casual saunter around the local park, and some of us find ourselves atop of Helvellyn, with a sudden fear of heights in a pair of well-worn yoga leggings that aren’t quite cutting it anymore. And just as you’re probably replacing your battered trainers with a pair of the best walking boots for women, so you’ll want some new walking trousers that can handle your hobby.

Outdoor activewear has really moved up the ranks in recent months, and we’ve rounded up the best hiking trousers, walking trousers and leggings that’ll take you from the top of a mountain to the South West Coast Path without scrimping on style.

Acai Max Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers

The LBD equivalent of the walking-world, Acai’s leggings offer support, a little bit of sculpting (okay, a lot) are stretchy (great after a pub lunch), shower resistant and quick drying. Best of all, they are made by women — for women. They come in a range of colours and offer different variations of the same style for summer, winter and the in-between season we currently seem to be stuck in.

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£69 from

Fjallraven Women’s Keb Trousers Curved

Long gone are the days of frumpy, ill-fitted trousers. This award-winning pair from Fjallraven will mean you never have to dash behind a rock for fear of anyone seeing you in your green, waterproof two-piece number from the 80’s ever again. The trousers have a whole host of nifty design features that allow you to ‘move in the mountains’, including a high accentuated waist, large pockets (always great), ventilation zippers and space for knee pads — perfect for all the hardcore gardeners out there, too.

£160 from Cotswold Outdoor

Rohan Women’s Dry Roamers

Sorry, waterproof overtrousers: you’re fired. These Dry Roamers have a waterproof and windproof barricade liner making them great in not-so-great conditions. Made from soft, breathable materials, the outer layer is composed of a blend of polyamide and elastic with a durable water repellency finish. Their sleek minimalist design also means you can wear them on your dog walk around the park, or running out in bad weather, without looking severely overdressed.

£115 from

Berghaus Leylur Trekking Tights

Don’t let the word ‘tights’ put you off. This pair from Berghaus are perfect for the scramblers amongst us — and those who like to contort themselves into a yoga pose whilst stood on a rock on the edge of a mountain. With a discreet waist adjustment and reinforced knee support, the ‘tights’ are built with movement and agility in mind. They also have a zip pocket which is potentially the most important factor in all of this.

£65 from

Rab Women’s Helix Pants

Perfect for summer adventures (should the seasons ever decide to get there). The Helix pants from Rab are light weight, quick drying with a stretchy- fit, making them ideal in any sort of terrain. The fabric is also sun protective for 35+ UPF placing them in the ‘very good’ protection category (whilst also offering a ‘roll up leg function’ should you wish to catch some rays).

£65 from

Mammut Runbold Pants

Stretchability, you may have noticed, is a recurring feature in all of these trousers — and rightly so. We’ve all worn trousers that turn us into the Tin man from the Wizard of Oz, and it’s not fun. Luckily, the Runbold pair from Mammut are built with an abrasion-proof nylon material with extra stretch properties, and midori technology which makes the material softer and faster-drying.

£90 from 

Salomon Wayfarer Straight Pant

These trousers are said to take you from ‘hiking to boarding a plane or strolling the city’. Perfect, then, for those amongst us who like to travel light and miraculously never need check-in luggage. The classic straight-leg design is water resistant with advancedSkin shield technology to help keep you dry and warm on your adventures.

£63 from