The Boodles Greenfire Suite

As seen on the Inside Boodles documentary, which aired last month on Channel 4, you might be pleased to hear that the Greenfire suite is still available for purchase, or at least to have a good look at. It’s still on display in Harrods and is yet to find a buyer.

There is quite a story behind the evolution of the set: in fact Boodles weren’t even looking for emeralds to work with when they came across the stones at Baselworld. Jody Wainwright, Director at Boodles explains. ‘We were looking for a pink diamond but we spotted these emeralds, which looked as if they had been plugged into the mains.’

These most sought-after emeralds are from the Muzo Valley in the mountains between Bogotá and Medellin in Colombia and are acknowledged to burn with an intense fire, even in very low light. Boodles decided that one piece of jewellery wasn’t enough to properly show off the emeralds and the idea of a suite developed.

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The Greenfire suite took a total of 1,800 hours to make – the necklace in particular is inspired by the light and colours of the forest, and shows off the burning stones to their best advantage.  

The set comprises the stunning necklace, plus a pendant, a set of earrings and a ring – the necklace alone has been valued at nearly £3m, but the price is, of course, on application.
Boodles Greenfire Collection; 020-7493 3240.

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