152 ideas for enjoying wildlife and nature

A new book from The Wildlife Trusts recommends 152 family-friendly ways to engage with nature and wildlife.


152 Wild Things To Do suggests outings and events in both the countryside and in cities, with entries from all of the 47 Wildlife Trusts around the country.

Ideas include visiting a reserve bursting with bluebells, watching diving ospreys or engaging in outdoor activities such as kite-flying.

kite flying

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The Trusts is also holding a series of walks, talks and events during its Wildlife Week on May 28–June 13, including bushcraft mini-beast safaris and rock-pool rambles.

Stephanie Hilborne, The Wildlife Trusts’ chief executive, said: ‘Wildlife Week provides chances for everyone inspired by nature to get outside and make the most of it.

blackberry pickingEmma Bradshaw

152 Wild Things To Do is the perfect guide to help rediscover simple pleasures, like going blackberrying on a summer’s evening or kite-flying on a windy day.

‘The book is perfect for anyone who wants to rediscover nature, see the UK’s wild side or introduce children to the natural world.’

playing poohsticksEmma Bradshaw

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