A message from Country Life’s Editor

The Country Life team is busy working from kitchen tables, sofas and makeshift desks in bedrooms around Britain to keep bringing you the magazine each week.


“I have never, in 35 years, spent a day working from home, but all that’s changed now and, after a crash course in technology from kind, younger members of my team, I’m up and running. It is, however, strange not to see colleagues.

“The team at Country Life is very proud of what it does, proud to be only magazine in the UK to have grown its circulation for decade and proud to be the PPA Magazine of the year. However, most of all, we’re committed to producing a fine magazine for you to enjoy and, in these difficult times, our efforts will be redoubled. Take care.”
Mark Hedges, Editor, Country Life

The country is on lockdown, but those who print and distribute our magazines have contingency plans to enable them to continue doing so for as long as they can while remaining safe and in compliance with the latest government advice.

If you’d like to receive Country Life without having to leave the house there are several options:

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