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According to NatWest International Personal Banking, millions of Britons jetting away for half-term holidays will return stressed from the organisation of their trips and worry about the amount spent. Three in 10 (31%) are considering buying abroad and a quarter are actually doing so to avoid the strains of a typical family holiday.

More than a quarter of a million Brit’s currently own a foreign property and a third of current and potential overseas homeowners believe owning a holiday home will make family breaks more affordable while a quarter feel it will make life easier when it comes to arranging a break.

Mike Freer, head of business development at NatWest International Personal Banking (, says: ‘Holidays should be fun and relaxing, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. The hassle and expense of arranging holidays can be hugely traumatic ? from deciding where to go and remembering to pack everything but the kitchen sink, yet keeping under the new airline luggage weight restrictions.

‘And the holiday itself can be spoiled by dreadful food, poor accommodation, meaning that the British end up needing another holiday when they return.’

However, as three in 10 people plan to return to the same destination each year, it could make sense buying a property there. Over half of those considering making a purchase will look at a place where they have already been on holiday.

Over six in 10 surveyed are planning to live abroad permanently, while a fifth hope to move away when they retire. And 17% want to leave the UK within the next five years, the research suggests.

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