Country Life Today: The paper wasp arrives in Britain for the first time

In today's round-up we bring news of an exciting insect sighting, a 'landmark moment' for electrical cars in Britain and a golden retriever's take on Brexit.

First sighting of paper wasp in Britain

A wasp usually found in Southern Europe has been sighted in Warwickshire, in what is thought to have been its first appearance in Britain.

Keen photographer Sabina George spotted the Polistes Nimpha paper wasp at Compton Verney Art Gallery and ‘knew from the face something was different’.

An expert in pollinators, Steven Falk, confirmed the sighting was indeed a paper wasp, who may have been brought over accidentally in a plant or lorry.

The pair returned to the gallery and discovered more of the wasps, who are also found in West Asia. Paper wasps are slimmer and have longer legs than common wasps found in the UK, but still have the same black and yellow banding.

Mr Falk added there was no evidence it would endanger native species, and that many insects were moving north as Europe becomes warmer.

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Electric car charging becomes that much easier as a new scheme gets off the ground

The headache that once was charging your electric car is soon to be put to an end, thanks to a new scheme.

Nine of the main operators of Britain’s 20,000 electric charging points have clubbed together to allow drivers to pay for their electricity with a single account. Allego, EV Box, New Motion, Chargemap, Charge Point, Charge4europe, Engenie, Franklin Energy and Travelcard have joined the consortium — though not without a little pressure. The government had threatened to enforce a similar scheme if one wasn’t set up voluntarily.

‘This is a strong signal that we are moving away from confusing payments involving multiple smartphone apps and membership cards, and driving in the right direction; towards electric travel being the new normal,’ said transport secretary Grant Shapps.

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On this day..

In 1881 William Boeing was born. He founded the Boeing Company in 1916.

‘Hard work can lick what appear to be insurmountable difficulties.’

– William Boeing

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