Country Life’s 10 most inspiring, beautiful and evocative Instagram posts of 2021

Our most-liked posts of 2021 honour members of the Royal family and those no longer with us, show our unyielding love of tiny mammals and celebrate the glorious gardens and idyllic green pockets of our country's landscape.

1. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

2. Sir Captain Tom Moore

3. A tiny harvest mouse having a berry good time

4. Shh…

5. The 20ft Christmas tree in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle, Berkshire

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6. A snapshot into the life of a young Royal family, taken at Clarence House, 1951

7. The Queen photographed with her beloved Corgis in 1973

8. The Manor, Priors Marston, Warwickshire

9. The gardens at Lossenham, Kent

10. Pettifers, Oxfordshire — a place so beautiful it could bring a tear to the eye