Flowers for Valentine’s Day

You might think you know what the flowers you give/receive on St Valentine’s Day mean, for instance ‘I love you,’ but what message do they really convey?

We consulted Flora Symbolica: The Language and Sentiment of Flowers, a Victorian oracle on such matters, to find out.

flora symbolica

* Anemones – withered hopes; forsaken
Purple Anemones.jpg

* Daffodils – unrequited love

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* Hyacinths (purple) – sorrowful


* Hyacinths (white) – unobtrusive loveliness

 white hyacinths.jpg

* Jonquil (small narcissus) – I desire a return of affection


* Lily (white) – purity and sweetness

 white lily.jpg

* Ranunculus – you are radiant with charms


* Roses, deep red – bashful shame


* Roses, white – I am worthy of you

white roses.jpg

* Roses, yellow – decrease of love; jealousy

yellow roses.JPG

* Snowdrops – hope; a friend in need


* Tuberose – dangerous pleasures


* Tulips – a declaration of love


* Wallflower – fidelity in adversity