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Gite a la Mer podcast

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As part of our celebration of beach huts this week (see issue, August 2, 2007), we are running a podcast of the play Gite a la Mer, first broadcast on Radio 4.

Written by our contributor Damian Barr and novelist Laura Lockington, this sharp 15-minute satire is set in a beach hut in the not-too-distant future, when Brighton has become Bri-Ho, zone 15 of London.

There is no greenbelt left, and an estate agent tries to sell this ‘live-work-eat-study-sleep space’ as ‘capsule-living’ to a young couple.

With rising sea levels, will they make an offer of will life gazump them?

It stars Jason Hughes from Midsomer Murders and Nina Wadia from Goodness Gracious Me as well as Radio 4 regular David Holt.

Listen to Gite a la Mer