Country houses for sale

How to buy your dream house

Tough negotiation skills are essential in today’s uncertain climate to ensure buyers secure their home at the best possible price.

Inexperienced purchasers can find themselves paying over the odds for property if they lack confidence and market knowledge to drive a hard bargain.

Those employing a home finder can make use of his or her wisdom and finely honed negotiation skills, argues Trina Wright from the County Homesearch Company ( in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, who has saved her last three clients over £60,000.

‘The majority of our clients are not experienced in negotiating and many lack a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in the local as well as wider market,’ says Mrs Wright. ‘Good arbitration technique can prove key when looking to secure a highly sought-after property for the right price, especially when prices have stabilised and buyers are thin on the ground.’

The market is slowing and some vendors are keen for a quick sale, suggests Mrs Wright, ‘which means now more than ever, buyers need to ensure they are not paying more than they should.

‘It is not about forcing the seller to agree to a price below market value, but making sure buyers are getting the right deal, with further negotiations occurring once a survey is carried out and any issues have been taken into account.’