How to: light a fire

If you’re fed up with chopping kindling and scrunching newspaper, this Grenadier Electric firelighter could be what you’re looking for. It lights even smokeless fuel quickly and easily and then spreads the fire over the coalbed.
If you have a stove then you may well need the extra height stand. I have a Charnwood Country multifuel stove and use the extra height stand at its highest setting. I use smokeless fuel and it lights easily, but I had to experiment a little at first to find the easiest method. Now I just pile the fuel up in the centre of the firebed, point the nozzle at the centre and turn on the heat. The lighter works like a giant hairdrier, blowing extremely hot air at the fuel until it ignites. Once lit I turn off the heat and let the cool air blow through the fuel to spread the fire. Once the whole heap is lit I remove the lighter, spread the hot coals and throw on another bucket of fuel. Job done.
Be warned however: the nozzle end of the firelighter gets white hot! If you have small children or animals I would not recommend using the lighter unless it’s behind a very sturdy fixed fireguard. The firelighter could easily be knocked over and cause serious burns. Also when you remove the lighter from the fire it’s a good idea to leave the cool air blowing for a while until the nozzle is completely cool.
It’s a good idea to keep a bit of newspaper and kindling on hand still, just in case of power cuts. It would be most annoying to sit in the cold and dark when you have a nice solid fuel fire waiting to be lit!