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Organic food brand Seeds of Change is looking to sponsor three people to do a diploma in organic horticulture production, as well as giving them the chance to work at the home of the leading charity Garden Organic in Ryton, Coventry.

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The Government-recognised Diploma in Work-Based Training (Horticulture Production) at Warwickshire College covers all aspects of horticulture, from planning through to harvesting and tending productive and ornamental plantings.

The chosen applicants will also get the chance to experience

the work of the Heritage Seed Library, join the Seeds of Change research team and help in the production of food and plants for the Webbs Garden Centre retail and catering business on site.

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Lorraine Collier, brand leader for Seeds of Change, said: ‘We’re hope that our apprentices becomes future stars of the organic-food industry.

‘Our recent survey showed that 88% of Brits believe that vocational training is a good idea and 30% of us are re-evaluating our current career as a result of the economic downturn, so we hope that the incentive to undertake the course, while working at Garden Organic, will be well received.’

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Seeds of Change will follow the chosen three through their training and, with the help of organic chef Arthur Potts Dawson, will help them to create great flavours out of their own produce.

Mr Potts Dawson said: ‘There’s nothing more important than bringing new people into the industry and educating them about growing nutritious food.’

Interested candidates can apply to become one of the three Seeds of Change Apprentices by completing the online application form at www.seedsofchange.co.uk by March 26.

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The initiative is part of Seeds of Change’s ongoing Great Flavours, Grown Well campaign, in partnership with Garden Organic, which supports the UK organic industry.

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