Most popular pet names 2011

Traditional baby names annually make the news in Britain, with Jack and Harry consistently claiming places in the top five. And it seems that the same can be said of pets. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home reports that Charlie, Jack, Alfie, Lily and Ruby all made it into the top ten animal and human lists last year, with Charlie holding the top spot for both male dogs and cats.

But just as one child was registered with the name Superman in 2010, so too do Battersea see some more unusual pet names pass through their gates. Last year, they had dogs called Armadillo, Nancy Drew, and even a Yorkshire Terrier named Megatron. The felines included Big Dave, Mr Bean, Batman and Miss Piggy.

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In 2011, the top ten dog names were…

1.   Charlie for males, Bella for females
2.   Buster and Roxy
3.   Jack and Daisy
4.   Max and Poppy
5.   Tyson and Molly
6.   Rocky and Lily
7.   Bailey and Ruby
8.   Alfie and Tia
9.   Bruno and Coco
10.  Diesel and Lola

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The top ten cat names were…
1.   Charlie and Coco
2.   Oscar and Bella
3.   Tiger and Milly
4.   Tom and Lily
5.   Felix and Molly
6.   Jack and Missy
7.   Billy and Daisy
8.   Tigger and Rosie
9.   Sooty and Princess
10.  Bobby and Cleo

Are your dogs and cats names on the list? Would this list read differently if only country dwellers were surveyed? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below…