A review of the past seven years of the Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) shows that it has attracted £42.5 million worth of funding, says the English National Park Authorities Association (ENPAA).

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The review, conducted by Land Use Consultants, shows that the SDF’s £9.9 million investment has had a great return. The SDF has also created jobs from more than 16% of its projects.

Since 2003, 1,235 projects have received funding and many more people have received advice and guidance.

Narendra Bajaria, chairman of the ENPAA, says: ‘This report gives us a clear picture of the positive effects on businesses, communities and the special qualities of National Parks that the SDF has had.

‘The SDF is contributing to the transformation to a low-carbon society and sustainable living in our parks.’

There are 10 National Parks in England, covering 9.3% of the country’s land area.

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