National Trust summer Wild Child adventures

This summer, the National Trust aims to get ‘couch potato’ youngsters into the great outdoors with their Wild Child campaign. Here are details of some of the best family activities on offer across Britain, plus information on all Wild Child events

Anglesey Abbey

•    Help us track down the many animals living at Anglesey Abbey. Find out more about their habitats, then delve into our heap of found materials and create your own den in the grounds on Thrilling Thursday

Wicken Fen
•    Get closer to the little creatures of the Fen on a Bugs and Beasties Hunt
•    Find out all of the fascinating facts about dragonflies and damselflies at one of the Dragonfly Safari Shows
•    Discover what lives under logs, down holes and behind bushes at Slimy Slugs and Wiggly Worms
•    Ever wanted to become a Wildlife Detective? Learn how to read the clues to see what is living in your garden
•    Pond dipping, plus other watery activities to enjoy, at Pond Pandemonium
•    Use natural materials from the Fen to create your own wild masterpiece at Crafty Capers
•    Bugs and Butterflies is a great opportunity to find out all about who flutters and crawls through the Fen
•    Take inspiration from the natural world and create your own Wild Art
•    Discover the magical secrets of wildlife and flowers, then make your magic potions to take home, at Fairies, Pixies and Potions
•    Fen Pirates Go Wild is a great event for some swashbuckling craft fun. Use the treasure map to find a hidden fortune, and dip for ‘sea monsters’
•    Get closer to the Konik ponies at Wicken Fen, find out about their family life and how they help us manage this beautiful reserve at Koniks and Cattle, or go to a Pony Party
•    Make the most of the lazy days of summer—enjoy a BBQ of local food, followed by a Twilight Safari on the Fen with our wardens

Wimpole Hall
•    Explore Wimpole with our free Wild Child Trails for the hall, farm and gardens

Hatfield Forest

•    Learn how to survive in the wild with only the bare necessities at a Forest Survival Skills day. Discover how nature can save your life, what you should do in an emergency and the best way to build a shelter
•    Drop in for some fun down at the lake on Friday Forest Fun or Wild Child Wednesday, when your task is to complete challenges, including puzzles, scavenger hunts, crafts and games
•    How about a Bat Walk? Discover for yourself the fascinating twilight world of the forest’s nine bat species on a walk around their favourite haunts. Don’t forget to bring a torch!

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Blickling Hall

•    Go Wild at Blickling is back by popular demand! Join Stephen Prowse, head warden from Horsey, for an exciting day in the park. Become Ray Mears for the day—learn how to build a shelter and try wildlife-tracking, fire-making and cooking lunch

Felbrigg Hall
•    Join staff for a morning of all things bee-related at one of the Busy Bee Workshops, from hands-on activities such as candle-rolling to a closer look at an exhibition hive—see for yourself how honey is made

Oxburgh Hall
•    Try the Activity Days, involving quizzes, trails and games that takes a closer look at nature. Explore our nature scavenger trail and display your finds for others to see in the garden turret. There’s also a new sculpture trail in the garden

Sheringham Park
•    Join a Reptile Ramble or a Big Bug Hunt and discover the amazing mini-beasts that can be found lurking in the leaf litter
•    Have a ‘family friendly’ look at the night-time creatures of the park at the Batty Bats and Mad Moths event. Learn how bats find their food in the dark and have a go at moth-trapping

Dunwich Heath

•    Come along to Have a Go Day and take part in the wide range of nature-based activities, such as pond-dipping, face-painting, trails, games and crafts

Ickworth House
•    Meet some prickly creatures and go on a trail at Hedgehog Day
•    Find out about our fluttering friends with family activities and games at Moths and Butterflies Day
•    Explore the Italianate garden on a Garden Discovery Walk for children, full of games, trails and activities, including the chance to become a human camera
•    Discover the Creepy Creatures that hide in the park and go on a bug hunt, make bug masks, crawly caterpillars and clay spiders
•    Hone your survival skills and have a go at building your own shelter from natural materials found in the park at the popular Den Building Day

Sutton Hoo
•    Be crafty using ideas from nature and history—Summer holiday crafts are a great way of getting the children interested in the wildlife they can discover in their own back garden

Wild Child activities this summer

Thrilling Thursday
August 20, 2pm–4pm
Tracker tour 2pm–3pm, followed by den building session 3-4pm, suitable for age 8+. £3 per child
Booking essential on 01223 810080
Bugs and Beasties Hunt
July 24, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
3–12 years. £4.50 per child

Dragonfly Safari Shows
July 25, 26 and 29, August 30 and 31, 11am and 2.30pm
£8 adult/£5 child (includes entry to the Fen), NT members £3.50/£2.50

Crafty Capers
July 27, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
3–8 years. £4.50 per child

Fairies, Pixies and Potions
July 29 and August 17, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
4–8 years. £4.50 per child

Slimy Slugs and Wiggly Worms
July 31, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
4–10 years. £4.50 per child

Fen Pirates Go Wild
August 3 and 21, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
4–12 years. £4.50 per child

Pony Party  
August 5, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
4–12 years. £4.50 per child

Wildlife Detectives
August 7, 10.30am–12.30pm
6–12 years. £4.50 per child

Koniks and Cattle  
August 8, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
£6 adult/£3 child, 7+

Bugs and Butterflies
August 10, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
4–12 years. £4.50 per child

Wicken Warriors
August 14, 10.30am– 2.30pm or 2pm–4pm
6–12 years. £4.50 per child

Summer BBQ and Twilight Safari
August 15, 7.30pm
£15 adult/£12 child

Pond Pandemonium   
August 19, 10.30am–12.30pm or 2pm–4pm
£4.50 per child

Wild Art  
August 26, 10.30pm–12.30pm
3–12 years. £4.50 per child

Minibeast Hunting For All
August 28, 12.30pm–3.30pm
£1.50 per 30-minute session. Normal admission applies
‘Wild Child’ at Wimpole —throughout the summer holidays
Forest Survival Skills
August 4, 10am–3pm
Bring a packed lunch and proper footwear. Suitable for accompanied children. Group of two–£18, three–£26, four–£34, additional–£10 each. Booking essential on 01279 870678

Friday Forest Fun
August 7, 14 and 28, 10.30am–3.30pm
£2 per child. Car park charge applies.

Wild Child Wednesday  
August 19, 12.30pm–4pm (arrive anytime)
£3 per child

Bat Walks

August 24–28, 8pm–9.30pm
Meet at the main entrance gate. £7 adult/£5 child/£20 family. Booking essential on 01279 870678

Go Wild at Blickling
July 30, 11am–1pm
Wear suitable outdoor clothing. 8–14 years. Child must be accompanied by an adult. £25 includes child and one adult and essential supplies. Booking essential on 0844 800 4308
Busy Bees Workshop
August 12 and 19, 10am–12pm
All children must be accompanied. £5 per child. Booking essential on 01263 837444
Children’s activities
August Thursdays and Fridays, 11am–4pm
Normal admission

Big Bug Hunt
August 18 and 20, 10.30am–12pm and 2pm–3.30pm
£3 per child. Accompanying adults £1. No dogs please. Booking essential on 01263 820550. Car park charges apply for non-members
Reptile Ramble
August 25 and 27, 10.30am–12pm
Suitable for adults and older children. £2.50 per person. Route not suitable for pushchairs. No dogs please. Booking essential on 01263 820550. Normal car park charges apply

Batty Bats and Mad Moths
August 28, 7pm–9pm
£3 per child. Accompanying adults £1. No dogs please. Booking essential on 01263 820550. Car park charges apply for non-members  

Have a Go Days
August 2 and 23, 11am–3pm
Suitable for children up to 12 years. £5 per child

Hedgehog Day
July 28, 11am–1pm or 2pm–4pm
Recommended ages 4–11. £2.50 per child

Moths and Butterflies Day
July 30, 11am–4pm
Recommended ages 4–11. £2.50 per child

Garden Discovery Walk
August 6, 2pm
Recommended ages 4–11. £2.50 per child. Booking essential on 01284 735961.

Den Building
August 11, 11am–1pm or 2pm–4pm
Recommended ages 4–11. £2.50 per child

Creepy Creatures
August 20, 11am–4pm
Recommended ages 4–11. £2.50 per child
Summer Holiday Crafts
August 4, 11, 18 and 25, 12pm–3pm

To find your nearest National Trust property, or for more information on Wild Child events taking place this summer, visit
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