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New noise pollution maps

New interactive maps launched by the Government now show noise pollution levels in certain towns and cities in England from different levels of transport.

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A new set of interactive maps have been launched by Defra Minister Jonathan Shaw to combat ‘unreasonable noise pollution’. Located online, the maps were produced between 2006 and 2007 and incorporate the noise maps for English airports published in December last year.

Covering 23 areas in England, including Blackpool, Brighton, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Nottingham, the maps cover 80,000 km of roads within urban areas, 28,000 km of major road networks and nearly 5,000 km of railways.

They are intended to draw up action plans to reduce unreasonable levels of noise, where practical. The information has to be available to the public under an EU directive but some may find it useful when considering different areas in which to buy property.

Environment Minister Jonathan Shaw said: ‘Factors like transport and industry are a necessary part of modern life. But we need to look at what further practical steps we can take to make people?s lives more tranquil.’

‘The maps provide the most comprehensive snapshot yet of noise in our country, all at the click of a mouse.’

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