NFU: EU pesticide proposals ‘disastrous’

NFU vice president Paul Temple is in Brussels today to discuss impending EU pesticide regulations, which he argues is ‘disastrous’ for UK farms.

New EU pesticide regulations would banish more than 80% of existing pesticides that are commonly used in UK farms, says the NFU (National Farmers Union).

Mr Temple said: ‘We need action now to reduce the threat and get the proposals into some kind of acceptable form. If the Parliament’s proposals were accepted it would have devastating consequences for the UK agricultural industry.

‘Production would be exported out of the European Union,’ he continued, ‘food security would decline and food prices would rise. Pesticides are already heavily regulated and this is a step too far.’

Mr Temple hopes that MEPs will vote in Brussels not to make the proposals worse. The NFU also demands that a full EU wide Impact Assessment is carried out to show the effect of these proposals concerning pesticides.

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