Pirbright worker has Legionnaires

The Pirbright site has just come under investigation again, this time for a reported case of Legionnaires? disease. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is currently looking into the case at the Institute of Animal Health (at the Pirbright site), but is keen to stress that there is no link between Legionnaires? disease and Foot and Mouth.

It is also believed that the Legionnaires case pre-dates the Foot and Mouth outbreak, and the HPA has issued a staement saying that its findings ?suggested that the Institute was carrying out all necessary maintenance and monitoring work in compliance with the Approved Code of Practice for the control of Legionella.?

Investigators are now examining all locations visited by the Legionnaires sufferer in the two weeks prior to them falling ill.

The latest Foot and Mouth news is that 362 animals have been culled at the third farm, where the disease is suspected but not yet confirmed. There have now been 576 animals culled in total since the start of the outbreak to 576. Restrictions on movements of livestock around Britain have been partially lifted in the past day, but a European Union export ban on British meat and livestock remains firmly in place until at least 25 August.