Six ways to heal in the countryside

Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy

‘I sent you a confused, fearful girl who couldn’t even walk along without holding my arm. Now, I have an independent young lady with a good appetite and a degree of confidence that I could never have imagined.’

The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy (FCRT) offers young people with learning difficulties and disabilities an opportunity to develop their sense of self through equestrian activities. An important part of its work is the provision of a residential Further Education Through Horsemastership (FETH) Course.


Fishing for Heroes

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‘I’m glad I went-wow, what an experience. It was only three days, but they made me forget about everything. There was no sense of time at all, and it felt so relaxed. The long road ahead for me is getting shorter by the day, and thanks to Fishing for Heroes I’m three days closer to the end.’
Fishing for Heroes, which supports military personnel who suffer from mental and emotional problems relating to active service, offers a three-day residential fly-fishing course. Veterans are introduced to the benefits of fly-fishing-now widely recognised as an effective therapy for many psychological problems-and a mentor who can help them reconnect with the world around them via the medium of fishing.



‘Thrive has given me confidence. I’ve made new friends and got all this knowledge and experience.’
Founded in 1978, Thrive uses gardening to help improve lives. It aims to physically, mentally and emotionally strengthen people, and provide social interaction and a sense of achievement.


Casting for Recovery UK and Ireland

‘I arrived home feeling exhilarated, relaxed, rejuvenated (if rather tired!) and ready for the rest of my life.’ The first Casting for Recovery retreat took place in 2007, and the charity has been growing ever since. Volunteers help participants learn the fundamentals of fly-fishing as they spend time by open water in the company of other women, all of whom have been though a similar experience-breast cancer.


Farms for City Children

‘I will always remember the licking calves and how tiring farm life was. The food is the most delicious ever. It’s really cool to look after all the animals, and now I know how it is to live
on a livestock and arable farm.’ ‘An experience I will never forget. If I had a choice I’d stay for another week.’

Founded by Michael and Clare Morpurgo in 1976, Farms for City Children now operates three working farms in Devon, Pembrokeshire and Gloucestershire. Children from towns and cities across the UK are offered a week in the country-side living together and experiencing life on a farm. They care for the animals and the land and learn the importance of teamwork.


The Addington Fund

‘Without it [your help] we would have struggled on fruitlessly, for years perhaps, seeing no light at the end of the tunnel and having no alternative but deeper debt and depression-and, ironically, working longer and harder than ever. The Addington Fund has changed our lives.’
Now in its 10th year, the Addington Fund was initially set up as the Church’s response to foot-and-mouth. It provides homes for farming families who have had to leave the industry due to circum-
stances beyond their control, and emergency grants in times of hardship.


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