The Queen’s Daimler for sale

The Queen‘s personal car, a Daimler modified to cater for her handbag and corgis, is up for sale.

The Jaguar, a Daimler Majestic V8, was used by The Queen to drive around her Windsor estate in 2001-4, and used to feature a secure telephone link to Downing Street and the Home Office, which has since been removed.

windsor castle

The model has been released from the collection of royal vehicles, as it’s now surplus to Buckingham Palace requirements.

Peter Ratcliffe, a memorabilia dealer, bought the car from Jaguar and is now selling it via website

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Mr Ratcliffe said: ‘It’s a truly unique vehicle. There’s nothing else that you can buy and say this was the personal car of The Queen of England, built specially for her.

‘She was very clear about her requirements. She had an extra switch installed on each of the rear doors to control the windows on the opposite side. Apparently, she doesn’t like to have the wind blowing directly into her face.

‘When she was accompanied by a royal protection officer in the passenger seat, she was worried that she would have nowhere to put her handbag. Jaguar took the normal armrest and added a sliding tray so she could place her handbag on top and push back the tray to hold it in place while the car was moving.’

the queen corgi

Mr Ratcliffe added that Jaguar also provided covers for the magazine holders in the doors to prevent The Queen’s corgis sliding off the calfskin seats into them.

There is no set price, but Mr Ratcliffe said that all serious offers were welcome.

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