Watch out for wildlife on Bonfire Night

The RSPB is urging people to be aware of wildlife when building bonfires and setting off fireworks in their gardens this Guy Fawkes Night. Here are their five top tips.

1) Try not to site your bonfire too close to trees, shrubs and nest boxes-both for safety reasons, and in order not to disturb your garden and any nesting wildlife

2) Be careful when gathering log and leaves for your bonfire, as you may encounter garden birds, bugs and other wildlife

3) Hedgehogs love hibernating in piles of leaves or logs, so check before you set your bonfire alight-some may have crawled in without you noticing

4) Try not to destroy birds’ roosts or food sources with your bonfire or firework displays; in this colder weather, both can be vital. Think about where birds roosted in your garden the previous year

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5) Recycle your bonfire. Unused logs, twigs and leaves can be great habitats for wildlife, including hedgehogs, insects, frogs, toads and birds

For more information about attracting wildlife to your garden, visit

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