Wind in the Willows goes wireless

The Wind in the Willows has been given a modern-day makeover by an app for iPads and iPhones
that turns the children’s classic into an interactive adventure. Using the touch screen on their device, readers can drive Toad’s motor car, make bands of weasels sing and dance and open Badger’s front door.

The illustrations were created for developer Biblio-dome by muralist Steve Dooley, who took to heart author Kenneth Grahame’s words to the book’s first illustrator in 1908: ‘I love these little people, so please be kind to them.’

The Kenneth Grahame Society has lent its full support. ‘I think I can safely say that we have seen a milestone adaptation that will introduce the story to a whole new generation,’ says chairman Nigel McMorris. Visit www.TheWindInThe

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