Forget the policies – election day is all about the dogs at polling stations

Britain goes to the polls today for a national vote for the third year in succession – is it any surprise that people are losing interest?

After the 2015 General Election and the 2016 referendum, perhaps there was election fatigue. Or perhaps, having considered the weighty issues of the day in successive years, the people of the nation already knew who they wanted to vote for, allowing their minds to wander beyond policy questions. Whatever the reason, however, it feels as if the election has failed to drum up much excitement this year.

What has drummed up excitement, however, is was the chance to share pictures of dogs at polling stations – and hundreds of people have been sharing images of their pooches via social media.

We’ve picked out some of our favourites so far, but if you see any that you feel we’ve unfairly missed out, please share them with us via Facebook ( or Twitter (@countrylifemag).

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Even non-dog owners were desperate to get in on the action:

Some rather famous people might have tried a little harder…

Speaking of Harry Potter, the wizard himself took his dog along – though he wore his invisibility cloak as he held his dog’s lead for this picture.


Finally, there’s always someone who has to up the ante. Show-off…!