The third dog of Christmas…Samson the collie cross

The third dog in our Christmas series with Dogs Trust is the lovely Samson, a collie cross

The third dog in our rehoming series with Dogs Trust is the wonderful Samson, an affectionate six-year-old who is looking for his perfect family this Christmas.

Samson likes home comforts, so is finding his time in kennels particularly difficult and, although not too fussed about toys, he loves cuddles with his carers instead.

This lovely collie cross is quite wary of men so the staff at Merseyside are slowly introducing him to their male staff and volunteers – they’re hoping Samson’s new family will be able to continue this gradually and not put him in any situations that he is uncomfortable with.

Slightly overweight, Samson will need a strict food regime and some regular exercise. He is house-trained and can live with children aged 15 and above.

If you think that loving Samson is the dog for you, please get in touch with Dogs Trust Merseyside via their website or you can call 0300 303 0292.

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Everyone at Country Life is proud to have the opportunity to team up with Dogs Trust for another year in the hope of helping 12 lovely dogs find the happy homes that they deserve.

Of course a dog isn’t just for Christmas, and we all know that it is an enormous commitment to own and take care of a dog. But if you are ready for the challenge, whether you already have dogs or have had them in the past, it can be very rewarding to adopt a rescue dog.

All the dogs at The Dogs Trust are in need of a good, trustworthy, loving home, and each dog will have his own needs, based on his past. So some dogs are very timid and need to grow their confidence, while others can only be placed in adult only families, or be the only dog. But they always do their best to match the right dog to the right family.

* Look at our wonderful twelve dogs of Christmas page, who are all looking for a home this year