The twelve dogs of Christmas

Country Life teamed up with the Dogs Trust for Christmas to find 12 dogs new homes - could any of these hounds be your new family dog?

Our wonderful twelve dogs of Christmas are all looking for a home this year – could you offer a home to any of these cheeky guys and girls?

The first in our brand new series is Buddy, an eight-year-old labrador who, despite his age, is very active and loves nothing more than a good run around in the garden.

Adopt a rescue dog - buddy. The twelve dogs of Christmas

The second in our Dogs Trust rehoming series is Leo the beagle. Lovely Leo is a very good looking and sensitive boy who is looking for a brand new family to welcome him to their home.

adopt a rescue dog - leo the beagle. The twelve dogs of Christmas

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The third dog is the wonderful Samson, an affectionate six-year-old who is looking for his perfect family this Christmas

adopt a rescue dog samson. 12 dogs of Christmas

The fourth dog in our 12 Dogs of Christmas rehoming series with Dogs Trust is the wonderful Frankie, a lovely four-year-old labrador cross.

adopt a rescue dog frankie

The fifth rescue dog in our rehoming series with Dogs Trust, is the beautiful Shep, a two-year-old collie cross who is hoping to find a new family this Christmas.

adopt a rescue dog shep

The sixth dog in our Christmas rehoming series is the lovely five-year-old Max, a spaniel at Dogs Trust Snetterton who can’t wait to settle down in a new home.

Adopt a rescue dog - Max

The lovely Cassie from Dogs Trust Evesham is up next in our rehoming series and is hoping to find the perfect family this Christmas.

Adopt a rescue dog - Cassie

We’re hoping to help Berty, a lovely terrier cross at Dogs Trust Basildon and the twelve in our rehoming series, find a new family this Christmas.

adopt a rescue dog - bertie






The ninth dog of Christmas is Benji – isn’t he a love? A good looking fellow with a lot of character, Benji can sometimes be a bit shy of new people, but would love a new home in the country.

adopt a rescue dog - benji

The tenth dog of Christmas is the wonderful Skip, a Jack Russell who loves being the centre of attention. Could you provide Skip with a new home for the New Year? adopt a rescue dog - skip


The eleventh dog of Christmas this year is Henry, a good-natured man who can be nervous around new people, but who loves playing with his toys. Henry is looking for a loving home with lots of room to run around. Dogs Trust Bernie Main 1

The twelfth and final dog of Christmas is Bernie the cross breed. He has been in his Dogs Trust centre in Kenilworth for a while and would really love to find a proper home soon.

*Call Dogs Trust  on 0300 303 0292 or visit their website to find out more about meeting or any of these lovely dogs.