The seventh dog of Christmas…Cassie the cross breed

The next Dogs Trust candidate hoping for a new home this Christmas is Cassie the cross breed

The lovely Cassie from Dogs Trust Evesham is up next in our rehoming series and is hoping to find the perfect family this Christmas.

A very bright, lively girl who adores company and playing games, Cassie is finding kennel life rather stressful and would love to find a family who can give her a lot of affection, tummy rubs and cuddles on the sofa!

She is looking for a home where she will be given the time and space she needs to settle down along with owners who will help her to burn off her energy with walks and one of her favourite games: fetch.

Cassie isn’t overly keen on being left alone, so would appreciate someone who is around most of the time and although she can live with children over the age of eight, she would like to be the only dog in the home.

If you think Cassie is the dog to brighten up your home, please get in touch with Dogs Trust Evesham or visit their website

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