Royal Ascot 2018: The eye-watering numbers behind Britain’s great race meeting

This week's meeting at Royal Ascot throws up some astonishing statistics.


The total length, in miles, of the bunting installed for the meeting.


The length in inches to which the racecourse grass is cut – it’s the regulation height for the flat season.

Horses hooves in a race


The number of helicopters cleared for landing during the week. There will also be drop-offs by 1,000 limousines to carry a fraction of the 60,000 racegoers each day, all of whom will be greeted by the racecourse’s 163 full-time personnel and 6,500 temporary staff.


The number of Cornish crabs who’ll be served up for the delectation of racegoers. The 330 chefs across the 12 restaurants and 17 private dining facilities at the event will also prepare 5,000kg of salmon, 5,000 Angus steaks,  2,400kg of beef sirloin, 7,000 rumps of English lamb and 3,500 fresh lobsters.

Brilliant crab recipe


The number of flowers planted specially by Ascot’s dedicated grounds team across the 179-acre racecourse especially for the event.


The number of hand-crafted afternoon tea cakes to be served during the week. There are also 120,000 buttermilk scones and 60,000 finger sandwiches to be served, all washed down with 80,000 cups of tea. And those scones? They’ll sit beneath 1,200kg of Cornish clotted cream.

Clotted cream and scones

12 million

The number of times people will like, share, comment on or view Ascot’s social media channels over the week

650 million

The number of people expected to watch at least some of the action, which is broadcast to 200 countries around the globe

Royal Ascot hats