Adopt a rescue dog

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has a long history of caring for dogs which have been abandoned or whose owners were unable to cope. The Home cares for thousands of dogs many different backgrounds and this year is looking more busy than ever.

Unfortunately many dogs at Battersea arrived because their previous owners only considered what they wanted their dog to look like – not its background and behaviour patterns.

As a result Battersea has seen a rise in the number of pure breed dogs it receives as well as a rise in the number of dogs that need country homes.

The most popular dogs purchased by misinformed town dwellers are, incredibly, Border Collies. These dogs love mental and physical stimulation – they are literally bored silly in the city and need space and air and things to chase.

Other breeds unhappy with life in the city are Jack Russell Terriers (miniature whirlwinds), Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers (both have endless reserves of energy and stamina), Springer Spaniels (originally bred for retrieving they have energy and stamina reserves to rival the Labradors and Golden Retrievers) and Lurchers (a very strong chase instinct coupled with very bad recall means a three legged Lurcher in the city).

Battersea has also lately seen a rise in Japanese and American Akitas. These awe inspiring dogs were originally used as hunters in Japan, therefore they have a very low tolerance of other dogs and so need to move to an area with a low dog population.

These are examples of some of the breeds which are unhappy in the city, and over the next few months dogs like these will be looking for places to live where they are more at home, with loving owners who can give them the attention they need.

This month, the dogs needing immediate housing are Poppy and Lola.


Jack Russell Terrier cross

One year old


Battersea dogsPoppy needs to be the only dog in her household

Poppy is a beautiful, energetic, friendly young girl, who is besotted with toys and will do anything for them. She’s smart and well-mannered with her human companions but finds it a little harder to interact with other dogs.

Poppy is looking for a home in a semi-rural or rural environment where there are not too many other dogs around, and she would need to be the only dog in her household. A garden is essential for basic training, an area to provide mental stimulation and a place for Poppy to potter about if she feels overwhelmed.

Poppy does have an anxious, insecure side, so she is looking for a calm, adult household with no children, although she may be able to live with experienced older teenagers who will treat her with respect. Ideally her new owners would have experience of dogs who are intolerant of other dogs, and will be prepared to invest time in her training and follow an ongoing training programme. She is well-motivated and a fast learner, and likes to be kept busy.

Poppy is a fantastic, smart, fun dog who will make a wonderful companion for dedicated owners in the right home environment.

If you are interested in Poppy please call the Behaviour Unit at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 020 7627 7884 quoting reference 05/05552, or email us on


Rottweiler cross

Eight months old


battersea dogsLola is looking for the right owners in a rural setting

Lola is certainly a character and will be very rewarding for the right owners. She is an affectionate, fun and very interactive girl, but potential owners must be prepared for petulant teenager tantrums. She enjoys company, loves to play and will be demanding for attention, but if the rules are clear and consistent she can also settle down quietly.

Lola needs owners who are firm and confident and have owned strong, bolshy dogs before, ideally females. She is smart and trainable, but will also try hard to get her own way. Lola can be boisterous and ill-mannered with other dogs, and owners must be confident to carefully manage her canine interactions.

A large house is essential and ideally she should live in a rural or semi-rural environment. Initially she should only be left for very short periods and neighbours must be considered as Lola may howl when left alone, although she does settle once she feels comfortable in her new surroundings. She would be best suited to a home with more than one adult carer so that she does not over-bond with any one person. She would not be suitable to live with children.

Lola has an unique personality and great potential. She will make an amazing companion for someone up to the challenge.

If you are interested in Lola please call the Behaviour Unit at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 020 7627 7884 quoting reference 06/06652, or email us on