Top 15 naughtiest dogs in Britain

We reveal the winner and runners up of our competition: Britain’s Naughtiest Dog in association with Lily’s Kitchen.

We searched far and wide for Britain’s naughtiest dog in 2015

With so many great tales to choose from, picking a winner was no easy task. Here, we congratulate our winner, Rabbit, and salute the chasing pack snapping at his heels.

Overall winner of Britian’s Naughtiest Dog 2015

britain's naughtiest dog

Winner of Britain’s Naughtiest Dog 2015: Rabbit

Overall winner: Rabbit
Heinz 57, Warminster, Wiltshire
Rabbit is an all-round mischief-maker and the deserved victor of our Britain’s Naughtiest Dog compeition in association with Lily’s Kitchen. Crimes include destroying furniture, toys and pieces of clothing; chewing through £250 in cash; hitching lifts round the county in an Amazon delivery van and stealing bones from the nextdoor neighbour’s dog.

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