8 famous Jack Russell terriers (and their owners)

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Read our list of the top Jack Russell terriers (and their owners) 

1. A campaign was launched to get Uggie, dog star of 2011 film The Artist, an Oscar. His memoir Uggie, My Story was published in October 2012.

2. Trump is immortalised at a pub in Russell’s parish of Swimbridge in north Devon and in a painting that Edward Vll bought from a sale of the parson’s effects— it still hangs at Sandringham.

famous jack russell terriers

The Duchess of Cornwall and Bluebell.

3. The Duchess of Cornwall is a big fan of Jack Russells: she owns Beth and Bluebell, both rescue dogs from Battersea.

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4. In the equestrian world, every other dog is a Jack Russell, partly due to their portability; Badminton winners Sir Mark Todd and Pippa Funnell have remarkably well-behaved ones that wander around the lorry park at horse trials.

5. The artist Francis Barraud noticed his terrier Nipper, which looks like a Parson Russell although it’s often described as a fox terrier, listening intently to the phonograph; the result- ant painting was His Master’s Voice (1899), which was widely used as an image by recording companies such as EMI.

famous jack russell terriers

Bothy was the first dog to set paw on both the North and South Poles.

6. Ranulph and Ginny Fiennes’s Bothy was the first dog to set paw on both the North and South Poles; he was taken by plane to the celebrations at the North Pole after the explorer’s trip there by powered sledge.

7. Eddie, played by Moose and his son Enzo, in the American sitcom Frasier, received more fan mail than any of the human actors.

famous jack russell terriers

Rick Stein’s Chalky.

8. Chef Rick Stein’s Chalky was a major feature of his television shows; his obituary describes him snarling at cameramen, attacking crabs, jumping on boats, dispatching rats and being loved by children and feared by postmen.