Who to see at the Field & Country Fair: Gunn Line

Country Life talks to Fin Gunn, founder of Gunn Sporting and Gunn Line, who will be at Cornbury Park in June.

Fin Gunn is the founder of Gunn Sporting and Gunn Line.

Describe what you do:

“Gunn Sporting offers Irish sporting holidays, whether it be shooting, fishing or stalking and I set up the clothing range, Gunn Line to compliment the agency.

“We’re now expanding, and looking at offering affordable holidays in Scotland too. Everyone should be able to experience the beauty of Scotland and enjoy field sports there.

“Most of the time I’m sat behind a desk, writing blogs and looking after our social media, or I’m out meeting people trying to find new stock.”

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How did you get started?

“I served in The King’s Royal Hussars and returned home from Afghanistan in October 2012. The following year I decided I wanted to cut my own detail so I set up the Gunn Sporting agency. My girlfriend had a bit of fishing on the Munster Blackwater so we took it from there.

“I’ve always had a love of field sports, and when I lived in Hampshire [pre-Hunting Act 2004] I was a big advocate of hare coursing. Shooting is my real passion though – particularly duck and grouse.”

“I’ve always wanted to turn myself out well, and the clothing line came from that really. A lot of people go the opposite way when they leave the army and try to get as far away from the institution as possible, but I think there is a co-relation between looking good and a healthy mind. You should be prepared for every eventuality – don’t get caught out by wearing the wrong clobber.”

What is your USP?

“We are trying to give people more exciting sport. For example, I’m currently speaking to a contact in Norway, with a view to offer a shooting trek there.

“At Gunn Line, I want to produce products that are good quality, last and don’t cost the earth. I also like to think we’re a bit sexier than your average tweed situation.”

Why should people come and see you at the Cornbury Park Field & Country Fair?

“I’m a nice guy – come and have a dram on the stand. We’ll also be launching our new range of linen shirts at the fair.”

Gunn Sporting (www.gunnsporting.co.uk; 07789 961 782)
Gunn Line (www.gunnline.co.uk)

To purchase tickets, and find out more about the Field & Country Fair at Cornbury Park visit: www.fieldandcountryfair.com

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