Rehome a lurcher this month

Get your year off to a sprinting start and adopt a lurcher this month: Dogs Trust Salisbury has eight lovely lurchers who are all looking for a wonderful new home.

Loyal and friendly, lurchers make excellent family pets and don’t always need a lot of exercise, often burning their energy off quickly in sprinting bursts and happily settling down for the rest of the day.

Dogs Trust Salisbury rehoming centre manager Jacinta Browne says, ‘we have seen an influx of Lurchers to the centre at the moment, and are desperate to find them all a home.

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‘They make such incredible companions with a lovely nature. The 8 we have in the centre are all adored by their canine carers and would make excellent pets.’

If you think one of the below would make the perfect addition to your family then call Dogs Trust Salisbury on 01980 629634 or visit the centre at 45 Amesbury Road, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, SP4 0HW. For more information visit


Newton is a 10 year old Lurcher who is looking for the perfect retirement home, where he can relax and go on a few walks a day. He is a very gentle boy, who loves playtime, especially if a squeaky toy is involved!

He would prefer to be the only dog in the house, but is happy to walk past other dogs on walks. He can live with teenagers as long as they appreciate his calm nature.


Whiskey is a 7 year old Lurcher, who loves running and playing with other dogs, but looks forward to relaxing on a comfy bed and having a snooze at the end of the day. He would prefer a quiet home, as he is a bit nervous of sudden loud noises. He takes a while to build his confidence with new people, but then once he has, he showers them in love. He can live with teenagers and other dogs, but would equally be happy being the only dog in the house.


Alfie is a 7 year old Lurcher who loves going for walks. He also has a penchant for treats, and will happily sit and chew on one for ages, whilst relaxing on a comfy cushion. He loves attention so would have to be the only pet in the home. He is housetrained so would make a great addition to a family who love going for walks.


Gypsy is a 3 year old Lurcher, who can be a bit worried when he first meets people. He likes to take his time to build up his confidence and then he loves everyone. He adores his canine pals, so would need to live with another dog.


Jack is a 4 year old Lurcher, who is super friendly and affectionate. He loves playing with soft squeaky toys and going for walks. It would be preferable if his owners were around most of the day as he gets a little anxious if he’s left. His owners will need to carry on training, in particular his recall.


Buzz is a 3 year old Lurcher, who is a lively and friendly boy who loves attention. He enjoys playing with his ball and having a run around. His ideal owners would continue with his basic training. Buzz would prefer to be the only dog in the home as he doesn’t like to share.


Layla is a 3 year old Lurcher who is very excitable and loves attention. She is very good at Hide and Seek and will play with her toys for hours. She is looking for a home where she can continue her walks and also with owners who are happy to continue her basic training. She can live with children 11 years old and above.


Charlotte is a beautiful 2 year old Greyhound, who is a bit timid when she first meets people but soon comes round. She loves to chase her toys and play with them. Her owners would spend time with her to build her confidence and allow her the time to settle in. She could live with another dog, if they were calm and quiet. She would benefit from her owners continuing her basic training.

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