Royal Show to close

The Royal Show is to have its last year this year, as financial pressure made it no longer possible to carry on

2009 is to be the final year for the Royal Show. In a letter to members of the Royal Agricultural Society (RASE) Chairman of Trustees, Hugh Oliver-Bellasis announced that 2009 will be the last in its successful 170-year history.

‘The Royal Show has been unique, in its international as well as its local influence, as an agricultural summer event. The Show combined business and entertainment in a way that established it as one of the major events in the English summer calendar,’ Mr Oliver-Bellasis continued.

Citing financial pressure on top of the Foot-and-Mouth and Bluetongue crises as well as exceptionally poor weather, Mr Oliver-Bellasis then urged members not ‘to dwell on the demise of the Royal Show, but focus on the innovative events that RASE will deliver in 2010 and beyond.’

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The letter states that RASE will continue to work towards developing and enhancing its reputation, and significantly that the society will be going to great lengths to ensure that the relevance of such a prolific organisation is not lost in the 21st Century.

The loss of the Royal Show is an extremely sad one that will be felt keenly by visitors and exhibitors alike for years to come.

To help the Royal Show go out with a bang, visit them at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire from 7-10 July. See

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