Elephants invade Sloane Street

This week Sloane Street launched its partnership with London charities Elephant Family and Habitat for Humanity by unveiling a pair of life size floral elephants as part of the charities Animal Ark initiative. Elephant Family is committed to protecting the endangered Asian elephant, and with a view to its aims has commissioned pairs of life size animal structures that, once fully cultivated, will be submitted as a garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2014 with the aim to win ‘Best in Show.’

From 20-25 May 2013, Sloane Street will host the showpiece pair of tusked Asian Elephants it has sponsored, beautifully decorated in full floral display by London’s top florist, Nikki Tibbles Wild At Heart. Hugh Seaborn, Chief Executive Of the Cadogan Estate, said: ‘We are delighted to partner with Elephant Family onthis exciting project. Both The Elephant Parade and The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt Captured the imagination of London residents and tourists alike so it is a huge honour that Sloane Street has played host to the launch of the charity’s next initiative.’

Elephant Family will be recruiting further official sponsors to fund the creation and decoration of each pair of animals with the full ark of cultivated animals aiming to return to Sloane Street Before they are installed permanently in one of London’s Royal Parks After Chelsea Flower Show 2014.

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Image by Christopher Ratcliffe